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Topical Tuesday: Comfort Books


I am the sort of person who really loves what they love. I will eat the same meal until I’m sick of it. I’ve watched the same episodes of The Office and Doctor Who a shameful amount of times. And my favorite items of clothing literally get worn out. Books are no different. So today I want to talk about Comfort Books. These are the books that I reread consistently, either because I can’t get enough, or I’m going through tough times. These books can ground me and bring me back to who I am. They make me feel good. Sometimes these are guilty pleasure reads–meaning I know they aren’t objectively good enough to stand the test of time or join “The Canon”, but I just can’t stay away. Other times these are books which demand to be read over and over–books that offer something new every time. These are the books that I love unconditionally. So without further ado, here is a list of my Comfort Books:

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